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Lab Technician, Salt Lake City, UT:

Posted on 12/11/15

Job Description

Under Supervising Scientist, apply advanced theory and principles of mechanical engineering to research and development in a lab environment. Conduct tests of mechanical design for renewable energy applications. Perform process simulations and design using advanced tools including COMSOL, SolidWorks, Star CCM+ Abaqus.

Advanced Research Scientist in Biofuel Technology, Salt Lake City, UT:
Posted on 02/19/16

Job Description

Role and Responsibilities:

Technology Holding LLC is seeking an experienced Bioprocess Engineer/Scientist for leading biofuel and bioproduct projects to achieve dynamic progress for fulfilling research and development goals of company. The ideal candidate is supposed to have strong knowledge and experience with bioprocessing of renewable raw materials to biofuels and high value biological products.

The candidate will be responsible for leading pretreatment, strain improvement, independent design, fermentation process development at laboratory and industrial scale based on a strong command of biochemical and engineering principles.

Key Job Duties:

• Utilizing Outstanding Ability as an Advanced Research Scientist, develop new and improve existing pretreatment methods of lignocellulosic biomass used in the production of biofuels and bioproducts with the ultimate goal of commercialization;

• Implementing scale-up of these pretreatment methods, transitioning from the laboratory setting to factory scale production;

• Conducting techno-economic analyses of these pretreatment methods to determine viability of these methods for producing biofuels and bioproducts competitive on the open market;

• Providing scientific and technical assistance, including the design and execution of experiments related to industrial strain improvement (including extraction, purification, and characterization of nucleic acids and proteins, PCR amplification and hybridization of nucleic acids, plasmid construction, transformation and gene deletion) and bioprocess development; and

• Leading research teams in the development and improvement of pretreatment methods.

Job Requirements:

• PhD in Bioprocess Technology or Biochemical Engineering or related discipline. More than 3 years’ experience of working in research laboratory as a post doctorate or research scientist is plus.

• Experience in pretreatment process development for biomass utilization.

• Prior experience in the operation of bioreactors using industrially used wild/recombinant strains, specifically aerobic microorganisms is required.

• Experience in industrial strain improvement using molecular biology techniques is plus.

• Experience in leading research teams in a highly diverse environment is of advantage.

Special Skills:

• Excellent English communication (written, verbal, listening) and organization skills

• Ability to solve problems creatively

• Ability to work autonomously with little supervision

• Ability to be adaptable in a fast-paced dynamic environment

• Working in a collaborative, team-oriented environment

• Monitor and implement emerging technology offerings to improve THL’s performance and build a network to external collaboration partners to achieve strategic objectives.

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