Who We Are

Transformative Solutions to Emergent Problems

We are a research and development company with a focus on energy and environmental solutions for the government, academic, and commercial clients.

Researchers at Tekholding are actively engaged in solving transformative problems and working on a wide range of topics including advanced battery technology, carbon dioxide (CO2) conversion to fuels/ chemicals, advanced catalysis, new energy processes, biomass conversion, fuel cells and energy efficiency, and many more.


Tekholding was founded in 2012 by a serial entrepreneur, with a vision to solve deep tech challenges in the areas of climate change, energy security, and healthcare. Since then, the company has made strides in the development of innovative technologies to directly address these challenges in partnership with the federal government. We are advancing next generation manufacturing technologies in partnership with Department of Defense ManTech program, BioMade and AFFOA.


Tekholding thrives to excel and commercialize innovative and sustainable solutions through the continuous advancement of science and technology - fueling the evolution of industry and betterment of humankind.


Our vision is to recognize the potential of incubating early stage innovations via research, collaboration, and partnerships. We believe in empowerment of our employees to nurture diverse perspectives for the continued growth of the organization.

Our Team

Meet the talented and dedicated individuals who form the heart and soul of Tekholding
– our dynamic team of experts committed to driving innovation and excellence.

Dolly Chitta, PhD


Ashok Joshi, PhD


Mukund Karanjikar, PhD


Radha Joshi

HR Manager

Aravind Chitta

Director of Finance

Jesse Labbe, MD, PhD

Director of Technology

Bhavin Vadgama, PhD

Principal Engineer

Lokendra Chauhan

Principal Investigator

Ding Wang, PhD

Research Engineer

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