Medical Devices

Portable Ruggedized Sterilizer

Sterilization of Medical
and Surgical Tools

War surgeries involves staged surgical management of the wounded and is provided by different echelons of facilities. These are primarily emergency and damage-control surgical procedures that are critical for saving limb and life of combat casualties. Immediate and effective trauma care can be critical to mission success in an austere environment.

Sterilization of medical and surgical tools is a critical step in minimizing the risk of infection to combat casualties during far-forward medical interventions. Infection due to ineffective sterilization techniques is a significant cause of potentially fatal post-operative healing problems. Moving medical personnel and supplies can mean the difference between life or death.

Current field sterilizers are large, power-intensive systems that require large amounts of clean water to operate, and present a logistical burden to forward-deployed resuscitative surgical facilities. There is a need for a low cost, person-transportable medical sterilizer capable of sterilizing small surgical tools and trays in a Role 1-2 tactical environment.

Ruggedized Sterilizer

Tekholding has developed a portable, ruggedized, energy efficient medical sterilizer for providing field sterilization of surgical instruments, tools, trays, and other reusable medical instruments that come into contact with patients. This sterilizer is two-person transportable, can operate on a rechargeable battery, and most importantly is water independent sterilizer.

This sterilizer will be an FDA 510(k)-certified commercial medical device, which can be used in civil and military, field medical applications.