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Sustainable Hemp

Sustainable Textiles

At Tekholding, we are focused on developing sustainable textiles. Our multiprong approach targets both natural and synthetic fibers.

Natural bast fibers are crucial in the movement towards environmentally-friendly, wearable fabrics. At present, the global economy in natural textiles is centered around cotton. The downside of cotton is that it’s not a sustainable, nature-friendly textile.

Cotton consumes significant quantities of water during growth and processing. It also depletes the topsoil of crucial nutrients during growth and harvesting, therefore requiring application of significant amounts of fertilizer for repeat cropping.


Hemp is the perfect solution. Hemp is a bast plant that produces high-quality fibers and is the ideal candidate for sustainable natural textiles. Hemp was one of the first natural fibers to be utilized by mankind, and has been commonly used since prehistoric times. Its role in history kept it at the core of strength-based textiles, such as nautical ropes and canvas sails.

The team at Tekholding is dedicated to the improvement of hemp fabric feel and wearability, all while maintaining its high-strength characteristics. With soil restoring hemp agriculture, green processing practices, and advanced processing for the retention of high-quality fiber characteristics, our hemp fabrics have demonstrated the ability to serve as an anchor for the sustainable textile movement.

What’s the key to playing such a crucial role as the premier sustainable natural fiber? Wearability. We’ve got that covered.