What We Do

Synthetic Biology & Precision Fermentation

We focus on developing novel molecules in the areas of drugs, proteins, performance materials, and platform chemicals. Our scientists have engineered a number of microbes that are being used as cultures for precision fermentation.

Process Chemistry

We are developing novel catalysts and process schemes to ensure high degree of intensification. Our focus has been on C-C bonding of bio-molecules, hydro-deoxygenation, hydrogenolysis, molecular condensation, and precision polymerization.

Separations Technology

Tekholding develops first principle based separation schematics at a molecular level with high energy efficiency at the core. Our portfolio includes molecular diameter based non-thermal separations, functional membranes, multi-phase separations on bio-derived streams, and recovery of trace materials from dilute streams.

Hybrid Process Technology

Tekholding has developed in-depth process know how on processes that synergistically combine precision fermentation with high selectivity catalysis and energy efficient separations to develop entirely new set of molecules.

Design Engineering

Tekholding designs and develops an array of finished products using first principle design rules and computer aided design (CAD) software integrated with 3D printing. Such approach allows us to perform lightning fast prototyping of medical devices, defense critical parts and consumer products.


Our drug molecules’ development follows industry standards of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Tekholding is developing biologics based drugs following these protocols.

Technological Advancements

Shaping Sustainable Nutrition

In the dynamic realm of modern warfare, efficient supply chains play a paramount role in mission success. Acknowledging historical impediments caused by limited supplies, our focus extends to pioneering advanced protein solutions for combat rations and beyond. Through an innovative protein additive rich in over 80% essential amino acids (EAAs), our technology invigorates military nutrition, thwart muscle catabolism, and enhance operational efficacy. Concurrently, we transcend military contexts by contributing to sustainable nutrition trends, veering away from resource-intensive animal and plant protein sources. Our groundbreaking approach, aligned with the principles of nutritional equilibrium and environmental responsibility, positions us at the forefront of microbial protein advancements.

Catalyzing the Sustainable Energy Revolution

Immerse yourself in our portfolio of sustainable energy technologies, driving the transition towards a greener future. We explore renewable energy sources and pioneer in the development of biological precursors for energetics production Among other solutions, our journey involves harnessing the potential of metabolically engineered bacteria and fungi to sustainably produce naphthalene precursors, redefining the future of energy innovation.

Pioneering Agricultural Advancements

Experience the transformative impact of our agricultural technologies that are increasing yields and promoting environmental sustainability. Integrating plant biology with indigenous microorganisms, microbial processes, and a fusion of synthetic biology, we are developing biological tools and solutions to cultivate a food ecosystem that thrives with enhanced resilience and productivity.

Advanced Sustainable Materials

Our team is committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in material science, focusing on solutions that not only excel in performance but also leave a positive impact on our planet. As an example, we aimed at revolutionizing textiles with advanced spider silk production and harnessed the extraordinary capabilities of spider silk to reshape the landscape of military and sport applications. With mechanical attributes surpassing even steel and Kevlar, spider silk's potential is boundless. Our team has pioneered an engineered microbial fermentation method for scalable spider silk production, coupled with cutting-edge electrospinning techniques to craft non-woven mats with optimal thermal and moisture characteristics for textiles. Our journey extends further as we fuse biomimetic structures with functional nanomaterials, unlocking the potential for spider silk. Beyond textiles, we demonstrated that integrating spider silk into composites amplifies tensile strength, paving the way for lighter and more durable materials in vehicles, armor, and aerospace components.

Advanced Healthcare

Step into the forefront of healthcare innovation with our unparalleled expertise in advanced health & medical countermeasures. Discover how we're shaping the future of medical solutions to safeguard lives and elevate well-being.